Add New Course

To add a new course, go to the Courses section vie top navigation bar:
Then click the Add New Course button.
Start filling in the content.
Reveal the dropdown menu of the Category and choose the appropriate category.
Or select the option Add new category to add your preferred new category.
You can add multimedia content to your course, give it a full description, add a featured image.
Here also you can create a proper Curriculum for the course, enter announcements and fill in the FAQ section.
Use the right panel to set the price for individuals and groups, specify course duration and level appropriate.


The Course curriculum includes sections, lessons, quizzes, assignments and a search field.
If you want to divide your course into sections, enter their titles. By clicking on Section 1 you can collapse or expand the section content. On the right side, you can find Delete and Move (organize the order of items) options.
To add a new lesson add its title and click Enter. You can add an unlimited number of lessons.
Quizzes can be added using the same process. Switch to the quiz tab, add the title and click Enter.
The same works for the assignment
Use the Search tab to search for the existed lesson. After you click on the tab, a new popup will open. Here you can find a Search field where you can enter the title of the lesson/quiz and select the needed one from the list. Just check the required items and click Add selected.
Once all items are added you can organize the order, drag and drop the items to set the required sequence of lessons and quizzes.
Items can be deleted and edited. When you hover over the specific lesson/quiz/assignment on the right side the options Delete and Edit appear. Click Delete if you want to remove the item, or click Edit to manage it.
When you click Edit, you will be redirected to the page of that specific course item. See instructions on how to work with: Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments.


Create the FAQ section to predict possible misunderstandings. Add one by one: items, questions, and answers. Click on the New FAQ item to add a new question and answer. Enter the question/answer in the spaces provided.


Make important announcements for your learners whenever you need to. Write your text in the space provided.