Course Management

We understand that course content will always need to be updated, even after your courses have been published, Learnum allows you to make changes to them.

Editing Courses

By going to your courses page and hovering over the status of the course you want to edit, you can easily edit your published courses.

Course Drafts

Course Drafts allows you to prepare courses more thoroughly and save any changes in draft until they are ready for publication.
When creating a new course, check the option Save as draft under the description section to save the course in a draft format.
Also, you can change the status of the already published course.
Courses saved as a draft won't be visible in the search results on the website and list of courses.


When you have new content, new deals, offers, announcements, or news, updatings, you can use the Announcement feature to notify each student who enrolled in the courses by email.