The Gradebook allows tracking the number of people attending your course. Further, you will have statistics in percentage about students who have completed a course, who are currently enrolled in the course, and who have passed the quiz as well as the average progress of the course attendees.
To review the statistics data go to the Courses dashboard page and click the Gradebook icon.
The Gradebook page displays a list of all the published courses on your website with the availability of search courses by title.
Click on the More Info button for the desired course to reveal the overall information.
It shows data such as the number of enrolled students, students' average progress, percentage of passed lessons, quizzes, assignments, and quantity of enrollments by subscription.
The Load Students Statistics link loads the statistics such ass passed lessons, quizzes, assignments and overall progress of all the enrolled students in the current course.
Students can review their progress on courses directly on the course description pages.