The Orders dashboard page includes all orders that have been generated for new purchases. Every purchase has a unique order ID.
The Course Orders page includes the following data:
  • Title - Consists of a sequential number that is automatically incremented in the database and the username.
  • Order Key - A randomly generated code that serves as a unique invoice number and is shown to the student on the Order Confirmation page.
  • Status - Payment status of Canceled, Pending, and Completed.
    • Canceled: An order left in "Canceled" status means that the user returned to your site from PayPal or Stripe but did not confirm their purchase from the payment gateway account.
    • Pending: Primarily used for offline payment methods such as Offline Payment and Wire Transfer, orders in the “pending” status show that payment was not completed for the order.
    • Completed: An order in the "Completed" status shows that payment was completed and the course purchase confirmed. The user has access to the course.
  • Date - Date of the purchase.
  • Manage - view order details and edit the order status.

Order Details

Click on the Pencil icon to load the order details and view information regarding the current order.
Note: You are allowed to only manipulate the status of the order.