From the Learnum Dashboard, go to the Pages section. This section displays all the available pages on the website.
Pages table includes the following data:
  • Title - page title.
  • Status - status of the page (publish or draft).
  • Date - page published date.
  • Manage - action buttons to view, edit and delete pages.

Add New Page

In the Pages section, click the Add New button at the top-right corner.
Enter a title for your page and click Create.
You will be redirected to the Learnum Site Editor where you can build every part of your website.
Site Editor uses three main building blocks: Sections, Columns, and Widgets.
Sections are the largest building blocks, and inside them are groups of Columns. Columns sit inside of Sections and are used to house the Widgets. Widgets are placed inside of Columns. You control the Section, Column, and Widgets with their handle.
To edit, copy, duplicate, and delete the Section, Column, or Widget, Right Click their handle.
Insert Widgets inside your Columns by dragging them from the Elements bar.
The page status, Excerpt (short description), and featured image can be managed in the General Settings section.
To save all your changes and publish a page, just click on the Publish button.