In the Users section of the Learnum dashboard area, you can view a list of users registered on your website, access user information, delete them and assign courses.
The Users list page includes the following data:
  • Username - student's username.
  • Display Name - student's full name.
  • Email - student's email address.
  • Courses - reflects all the enrolled in course of the current student.
  • Manage - edit the user details or delete the user.

Add New User

Click on the Add New button at the top corner to add a new user.
When you click the Create button, the system sends an account confirmation email to the entered email address. Users should create a new password to their accounts.

Add Courses to User

To manually enroll the course in the user account, click on the Courses button of the desired user from the list.
On the opened page, click the Add Course to User button at the top-left corner.
Then, select one of the available courses and click the Add Course button.
The list of the enrolled courses and user's progress on each course will be visible on the User Courses page.