Assignments are several forms of tasks that can be used in courses. They could be uploads or essays.
On the settings page, you can specify the number of allowed attachments, the maximum file size per upload, the number of allowed attempts to pass the task, and the file extensions that can be uploaded.
Assignments can be added from the Course Builder. First, open your Profile Page and select any course, and open Curriculum. Under the Add course data section add a new Assignment.
Once you've created an assignment, locate it in the list and fill it out as needed.
Upload a featured image and add your content:
Limit the number of attempts students can make to complete the assignment. Select Assignment settings and enter the number of attempts you want to allow.
If you want to see all the assignments sent by students, there is an easy way to do it. Click on the Assignments in the profile menu.
Choose the assignment you want and load statistics to check students' progress on it.