The Certificate section allows you to build and design your own certificates that will be awarded to students upon completion of the course.
The Certificate threshold sets the minimum passing score that students must earn in order to complete the course and receive the certificate.
Click on the Get Started button and the Certificate Builder will appear. The screen is divided into several sections:
1. Certificate: here will be displayed all the templates you will save, and the Create New template option. 2. General: these are the basic settings you need to build the certificate - specify the orientation, upload the background image, add elements (text, course name, student name, image). 3. Workspace: certificate area where the content is displayed.
To choose the orientation you need to select one of the options from the dropdown menu.
To add an element to the certificate just click on the Plus icon on the specific item or simply drag and drop the required element and place it wherever you want.
To add a background image click on Choose background and upload an image from your computer.
Please note for the proper display of the certificate, the background image must be 900x600 or 600x900 in portrait orientation.
When you are adding text content to your certificate you can use some editing tools, like changing the font, size, color, and align.
Once you added all the elements, organize the order, and save your template. Also, you can choose whether to apply the certificate to the whole website or just to a specific course category.
Select the option from the dropdown menu under the content area.
Elements - student name, course name, and an instructor will be changed automatically to the relevant names depending on the student that certificate is awarded to.
Below is an example of the certificate: