Course Bundle

A course bundle is a collection of courses that can be sold as a package for a single price.
In the Course Bundle settings, you can set the bundles’ quantity limit and limitations on the number of courses in one bundle.

How to create Bundles

From their profile page, instructors can access the bundle management page. In the menu, look for the Bundles.
You can create a new package on the Bundles page by clicking the Add new Bundle button, which opens the page with settings.
Select and add courses to the bundles, enter the title and description, set the price, and upload an image.
To select the course, enter its name and choose the right item form the dropdown menu, click Add Course.

How to add Bundles to pages

Bundles that have been created will be available on the Bundles page, where you can publish, save as draft, edit, and remove them. The edit button will take you back to the settings, where you can make any necessary changes.
To add your bundles, you can either create a new page or add them to any page you have already created. For instance, your Homepage:
The bundles look like the ones shown below based on the students' profiles. Users can add bundles to their shopping carts and purchase them.