In the Courses section, you can adjust the parameters that are largely related to the appearance of the courses. Take complete control and make changes as needed.

Courses Settings

  • Courses Page - choose the main page where all courses are displayed.
  • Course Card Style - choose the preferred course card display style
  • Courses per row - set the number of courses to show per row.
  • Courses per page - set the number of courses to display on one page.
  • Load More Type - choose how to display the Load More option: via Button or through infinite scrolling.
  • Courses Image Size - specify the size of the course image.
  • Disable Featured Courses Top Block on the Course List Page - this option disables the display of the featured courses placed on the top of the course list page.
  • Number of Featured Courses in Archive Page - specify the number of featured courses to display on Archive Page.
  • Enable Archive Filter - enable courses filtering by categories, there are 7 filters available that you can enable according to your needs: category, subcategory, rating, levels, status, instructor, and price.
  • Category Archive Slug - specify the slug for the archive page of the category.


The Course section allows you to adjust the style of courses and lessons and manage some instructor activities.
  • Course Page Style - select the style for the courses page (Default, Classic, Udemy - available with Udemy addon).
  • Lesson Page Style - select the style for the lesson page (Default, Classic).
  • Redirect to Checkout after adding to Cart - enable the option of redirecting to the checkout page after a user added a course to the cart.
  • Enable Bottom Sticky Panel - allow the display of sticky bottom panel and select what to display there.
  • Enable Related Courses - allow to show related courses on the page and select the display option: by category, author, or level.

Course Tabs

  • Enable "FAQ" Tab - activate the "FAQ" tab for users.
  • Enable "Announcement" Tab - activate the "Announcement" tab for users.
  • Enable "Reviews" Tab - activate the "Reviews" tab for users.

Course Levels

In the Course levels section, you can divide your course into different levels based on the learner's needs.

Notification Settings

Course notification settings can be found at the bottom of the Course section: