You can configure the following parameters in Profiles:
  • Enable Email Confirmation;
  • Enable Floating Menu;
  • Show Floating Menu For Guest Users;
  • Floating Menu Position.

Enable e-mail confirmation

All new registrations will receive an e-mail with account verification instructions. When people register on your website, they will receive a confirmation email to complete the registration process and validate their email addresses. Once registered, individuals will get an email informing them that instructions have been delivered to their email addresses:
Example of the activation email

Enable Floating Menu

The Floating menu is a fantastic feature that provides convenience by allowing users to rapidly access the content they require. To activate the floating menu, turn on the toggle.
Because the instructor has more functionality than the student, the view of the floating menu differs.
Items on the floating menu are selected as a default and cannot be changed or removed.

Show Floating Menu For Guest Users

After activating the floating menu, the Show floating menu for guest users option appears. It displays a log-in form inside the floating menu.